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Social media analytics

Four products to help you improve your influence in social media


Fact-based measuring of your own influence. Benchmark and learn from the best. Access to Bumblewing leaderboard and advanced post assessment.


Compose a private leaderboard of your team, advanced benchmark of influence in your dedicated team. Great way to bring together and motivate your brand ambassadors.


Measure and analyze influence of relevant peer-groups through standard list that the Bumblewing team compose and maintain. Support Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Put together customized social media lists that allow you to fully customize your analytical approach. Access to advanced analytical tools to drive and improve your influence.

Datadriven analytics

Built and developed specifically to enable datadriven, factbased analysis of influence in social media


Measuring engagement

Followers and friends are important, but it is a fairly poor measure of influence. We measure influence by assessing engagements, i.e. user actions on your posts.


Fair and transparent scoring

Bumblewing scoring is based on our proprietary algorithm for measuring influence and with the Bumblewing score you can compare your own influence with others.


Rapid feedback to enable you to improve

We measure influence based on you posts last seven days, this means that you have the opportunity to impact your score with a great post and that your score will drop if you take a couple of days off.

At Bumblewing we are passionate about data and analytics. Our users and customers always comes first. Our vision is to bring you the best social media analytics tool available. We believe transparency is an absolute necessity.


Bumblewing is a leading social media analytics app. Helps you measure, analyze, compare and improve your influence in social media. Working with a transparent and proprietary algorithm for measuring influence in social media. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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