Bumblewing is a proud host of the official Swedish #instagramtoppen, #twittertoppen and #facebooktoppen, you will be able to find a public version at instagramtoppen.se, twittertoppen.se and facebooktoppen.se. For detailed stats and ranking on different lists, just sign-in.
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/ user

  • Fact-based analysis of individuals influence on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (private account and page). Access to Bumblewing leaderboard.

  • Best for individuals that want to understand and improve their influence.


SEK / mo / team

  • Possibility for a team to create a joint private leaderboard in order to benchmark influence among a group of users.

  • Great for a team that wants to encourage and learn from each other in order to improve influence.

Public lists

SEK / mo / list / user

  • Access to top-lists managed by the Bumblewing-team. Supports Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Possibility to benchmark influence in coherent groups of accounts.

  • For individuals and organizations that wants to assess and understand influence in coherent peer-groups.

Custom lists

On request
SEK / mo

  • Customized lists. Supports Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Gives possibility to benchmark influence of accounts selected by the user.

  • For companies and organizations that want to measure all their social media accounts in one list or the accounts of other peer-group.